Let's all stop creating the same dull things

I'm fed up with the default 12 column grid, centered text and three blocks to represent your business standpoints. Why, while we have so much room for creativity, keep falling back to the same design principles on the web?

Can it be that most designers are not familiar with the new possibilities on the web? Didn't we (as FED's) inform them about these changes? Or are de clients the ones who don't dare to take a chance here? I'm not sure and guess that it - like always - differs in each case. But to be able to do something about this, I want to learn more about design outside of the web. I, therefore, decided to focus on magazine print layout and the art direction that's combined with these designs.

My challenges are to translate these thoughts to the web and create examples that prove that it is possible and is something that will add value to your design or brand.

You can find a series of experiments on my playground

my playground